1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Once you share something it’s not yours anymore. So the choice for me to share part of our story, was a choice I made solely out of wanting people reading who don’t believe love exists to have patience.

I have a best guy friend named Brandon. So we will call him BW to prevent confusion. He has been my bestfriend since I was 10. Fast forward he knew Brandon through private school. When I was about 15 BW’s mom used to tell me all of the time about this boy named Brandon that I would be so cute with and that she needed to invite him over so I could meet him. I was like “R U CRaZy iM MaRrYiNg mY hIGh ScHoOl SwEetHeArT”…little did I know. I ended up messaging him on fb because I heard him in the background of a phone call with BW asking me if I knew Aladdin…smooth…and then we had silly friendly banter and we talked sporadically. We finally met at BW’s birthday party.

When I saw him, I knew. It was the weirdest feeling. It felt like the world was still and I was supposed to meet him and I had butterflies. He walked inside from the patio and we looked right at each other.

Me- “We finally meet, I’m-”

Brandon- “Jazmin, I know who you are” (smiling)

And in my head I’m like

Omg he knows my name. 

But obviously he does we’ve talked before.

Brandon- “I’m Brandon, it’s nice to finally meet you”

We embraced in a hug, chatted for a while, exchanged numbers and it was a Halloween party so we took a picture together because we somehow were the most inappropriately dressed.

Brandon lookin like a snack with those highlights


Hand placement. haha.

A month or so later, Brandon asked me on a date. So I go. At this point, I was 18, I’m not sure if he was yet. It was the best date of my life. He was an absolute gentleman and had all of the traits I wanted in a partner. He was raised so well. He was a baseball player at the time and passionate about it. Loved his family more than anything. Believed in God. I could see he had a really good heart under his suave facade. His favorite is telling this story because he says he was smitten by me and loved the fact that he couldn’t read me. He always tells everyone “My tricks didn’t work with her man, I was even too nervous to kiss her.” Little did he know everything was working, I had already fallen for him, I’m just a good actress. We ended our perfect night and parted ways.

 Brandon waited weeks to text me and it was late and I was upset and made it known. This was the moment I gained his respect, just… not his heart. Typing this out makes me realize how long this process was. My patience was top notch.

We didn’t see each other until my 19th birthday 4-5 months later. To his surprise, I had a boyfriend. So other than receiving one passive aggressive sorry text, our friendship was seemingly halted.  There was something we couldn’t shake but neither one of us could admit it- especially so young. A year passed and we saw each other at BW’s birthday again. I was 20 at this point and he was 19. Brandon and I went about our night not talking to each other and overly laughing at everyone else’s jokes to get each other’s attention. Finally he looks at me and says,

“How’s John* ?” and I said “How’s Jane*?” (No our exes names aren’t John and Jane but you don’t need to know their names).

Then we just smirked and looked at each other for what seemed like forever. He hugged me and left. About five minutes later I get a text that says “It was good seeing you Jaz” and I replied “It was good seeing you Brandon.” And that was it.

Fast forward the following year 4 months later. I reached out, we got to talking on a regular basis and we started hanging out and became best friends. All the while knowing we liked each other. There was a lot that belongs to just us after that. But I’ll tell you we didn’t just start dating and live happily ever after. We continued to go through our ups and downs. We were in love but it’s scary to look in someone’s eyes and see forever when you didn’t believe love like that was possible.

We officially started dating on the set of Bloodline. Kyle (his on screen dad) asked him if I was his girlfriend and Brandon looked at me and back at him and said “Yeah.This is my girlfriend.”

We met 4 years before we dated and had serious relationships with other people between that time and still found each other again. Have hope.

After we started officially dating we entered the most beautiful relationship of our lives. We realized we had been missing out on something that fills your heart in a way nothing else can. Love truly is everything. I’ve never been in a relationship where I feel so valued. We pray together, talk about life while playing uno for like 4 hours in a row. We explore new albums together with the windows down driving to nowhere and go on random adventures. We push each other to succeed in the hardest of industries. We communicate and work through absolutely everything. Brandon is my best friend and he’s not just what I want, he’s what I need.

 I mentioned in my last blog the impact of my parents divorce. Growing up it broke me but as an adult it shaped me. Their divorce showed me the importance of true communication. The importance of not settling and having patience. The importance of fighting for the right love but also knowing when something is toxic. The importance of respect. The importance of honesty. The importance of trust. The importance of loyalty and the importance of choosing your partner even when it’s hard.

True love isn’t skin deep. It’s falling in love with someone’s soul.

Learning from my parents and from other relationships I’ve been able to be my best self in this one and I’ve been able to identify what real love is.

I know most of you reading love Brandon and that makes me so happy but you started to love me too and that is something I’ll be grateful for forever. I love love and I love to love and I want to keep spreading that message and filling your hearts with hope and with life. I want you to do life with me and it doesn’t scare me to have you in my head because maybe having you in my head will get you out of bed to face a day and see it differently than you did before. To know you’re not alone.

I had to share bits and pieces of our story because I don’t want you to have this false view of love. I don’t want you to look at Brandon and I and see effortless perfection. I want you to see strength, hard work, true love and perseverance.

Brandon, I’m not sure where we are headed on this crazy journey, but I do know that in any lifetime I would’ve found you. Not a day goes by where I don’t look at you and get overwhelmed by feeling so blessed. I pray that you are a part of every day of the rest of my life and I know how much God loves me because he gave me you.

Signing off,


23 thoughts on “Brandon

  1. Hi Jazmin,
    Thank you for sharing your story and giving us a piece of your happiness. You and Brandon are such a beautiful couple and I’m sure will love each other for a life time, blessing to you and Brandon ❤️😊


  2. That’s an amazing history. I just wanna say that I find my Brandon. But were not together and I really can’t explain why 😢


  3. Hi Jazmin
    By chance I came across your blog. And dayum, this typically young infatuation gave me such goose bumps and I really fell in love with you both. :’)
    I’m really happy that there are people existing who can really appreciate themselfes, the little things and the challenges in life. Just wanted to tell you – Go on girl – your blog is fab 😉

    Greetings to Brandon and the 13RW Team!

    W Love Y.


  4. Hi! Your story is just incredible and I think that everyone deserves to have a relation like yours. I’ve been in a relation with my boyfriend for two years and we broke up because we had a toxic relation and he cheated on me many times and after breaking up with him I thought love doesn’t exist but love actually exists. Finding the wrong person or speding two years of your life with a toxic person doesn’t mean that you won’t find your true love. I hope that one day I’ll have a relation like your relation with Brandon. You really inspired me with your words and you also gave me hope! Thank you very much for starting this blog and keep going!

    Pd: I’m for Barcelona, you and Brandon have to come and visit Barcelona(if you haven’t visited yet) cause is such an incredible city! 😀


  5. I remember your 21st birthday. We went downtown and ate Tapas. We squeezed like 20 people into a 10 top table. I don’t remember a ton after thatdue to the festivities, but I do remember how you introduced him to the group. You were so giggly and happy. A happiness that was quite different than your normal bubbly self. He seemed to always be by your side and making sure you were ok even with his friends being somewhat obnoxious (sorry… lol).You guys seemed to be melded into one. When you moved, he moved. When he moved, you moved. All of this subconsciously, like your energies were one. I knew that was something special. I am proud of the woman you have become and the person you have always been. I love you Jaz 💖

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  6. Heyy!! this note have a lot of feeling. I belive in love in different forms. its a stronger power. I really like if you can follow me and read about my blog. You have talent for write and never stop to follow your dreams. Lot of lov.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You are truly an amazing person and I don’t even actually know you. Keep writing these blogs because you are reaching out to many hearts such as my very own. I love how much you love God and can tell you are trusting in him to get you through life. Keep doing you Jaz.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. My goodness, this was beautiful! I had the biggest smile reading this and still do. It gives me hope to read that in a world that can be so dark, you have found a love like no other. I know I may not know you two personally, but your love for one another warms my heart. It is so refreshing to read such a raw, genuinely beautiful written blog. Thank you for sharing your story, I feel the most inspired I have in a while and I have you to thank! This world needs more kind souls like you. I can’t wait to see you accomplish all your dreams because I have faith that you will. I hope you have a great night 🙂
    with love, chanel

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  9. Jazmin,
    To be honest I saw Brandon in 13RW and instantly was hooked on that smile (yes, excuse the cheese) so I did what any weird young adult female would, I followed him on Instagram and followed his life through his pictures. And that is where I saw you! I started to follow you as well Jazmin, and I admired your faith and your love for Brandon, for Nala and for a whole lot else! And then I started reading your blogs and your creativity with words truly inspired me! Please keep writing these awesome blogs, I relate to your words in a way I never thought I could. Thank you, beautiful soul ❤

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  10. Jasmine-
    Your blog is a welcomed ray of light and beauty. I will admit I loosely knew of Brandon because Baywatch was filmed near where I live and saw much of the cast around town at restaurants. But your blog shows courage and rawness that many in “Hollywood” are afraid to show. Thank you for sharing and thank you for giving hope to an old lady that sometimes worries about the attitude of millennials. I hope Brandon appreciates and worships everything about you. Stay fearless and know You are bringing a positive influence to so many. ☮️❤️

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    1. Klare! This comment made me smile. My grandmother pointed it out to me. I’m so happy that I’ve touched you. Don’t worry, I’ll never sacrifice my integrity for Hollywood. They’ve got a handful coming for them 🙂 God bless you!!


  11. Wow. So many things all at once that I don’t know what to say. I had once thought that love was just an amazing sudden rush of realization and that you got married sometime and that was it. I didn’t know growing up, that there was so much in between that you had to go through and that it wasn’t going to be bliss. I have never once in my life had a relationship and being a sophomore, that’s hella hard to say. I want to be the Jazmin to someone’s Brandon. I don’t want to rush into things. You are a perfect example of how I want to live, and how strong a woman can be. I honestly thought that your love story was sunshine and rainbows the way you two clicked. I didn’t know you had such a strong empowering story. And Brandon, if you somehow come to read this, don’t lose this girl. Not as a girlfriend, or a friend, do not let go of her. Because I don’t think you’ll ever find someone as spiritually connected with you as she will ever be. Also follow me on Instagram, @xiiireasonswhy PROMO OMG XD. I’m totally kidding. I love you Jazmin, in an idolizing way.

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  12. Wow … this blog is so beautiful & very well written. I absolutely love how you both didn’t give up on each other & despite the circumstances you did NOT loose hope. Your words danced through my heart & definitely put a smile on my face. I can see through Instagram ( and now, through this blog ) that your love is powerful & untamed – and that’s exactly what I look for in a relationship. I admired when you said that you didn’t ” want ” Brandon but you ” needed ” him. Your relationship and bond with God is everything & is the greatest blessing. Brandon – if you read this, I want you to know that you are an EXTREMELY lucky man for having your princess to do life with you. I love you both so much & may God bless you & your souls through this beautiful – yet sometimes, challenging- journey known as life ❤❤❤

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  13. Hey Jaz! This makes me so happy 🙂 Brandon and you are totally cute and perfect!Aladdin part made me smile too. XD love always!
    BTW: anyones got a ship name for Brandon + Jazmin ?

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  14. Wow this made me believe even harder in love. I’m 23 and had only one boyfriend and sometimes I get desperate for love. But I know now that it will come when I will less expect it

    Thank you Jazmine

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  15. Oh my goodness! This was so beautiful! I am so happy you guys came back to each other through all those years. Makes me believe in love again.

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