Happy New Year! Blog entry 10

WOW, okay, it’s been over two months. Last year was one of the biggest years of growth of my life. I listened to my gut and quit my serving job, filmed my first movie and tv show, had many meetings, immersed myself in acting classes, spent a few months with Social Spotlight Events to put together a charity event for the amazing Girl Up Foundation, I began writing my first real script, was baptized as an adult, started on the path to creating a business for sexual assault victims that is expanding to much more than that, traveled to Costa Rica, home for Christmas and here we are now. The new year is filled with lots of excitement and I am totally ready for it.

So let’s talk about some motivation. How many of you have looked at everyone’s 2017 recap on Instagram and are like WOW, I didn’t do enough last year. Or, WOW last year was the worst year of my life. Congratulations, you aren’t alone. I am my biggest critic and I compare myself to others all of the time and have to remind myself that I am on my own special journey. There are two things you need to do. 1st thing is to let it go. 2017 is over and there is nothing you can do about it and the 2nd thing is celebrate. Celebrate that you have made it another year. It’s another year and another chance to be better, do more, and have your best year yet.

We are going to do an interactive blog to start this year outright. Grab a pen and paper, print this out, whatever you want, but let’s get crackalackin.

First things first. To let go of 2017. I did this already myself. You can always write more and go over the number of things asked, but try not to go below 🙂

3 favorite memories.

3 things I’m grateful for.

1 hard lesson learned.

1 thing I did this year that I’m proud of.

Next, lets set you up for 2018. Put this somewhere you can keep it visible. Let it be your daily reminder.

3 things I want to accomplish.

3 new things I want to try.

3 places I want to visit.

2 things I will do to help others.

2 things I am looking forward to.

1 thing I want to get better at. 

Fill this all out, read it over every day, and make active efforts to pursue these things daily. You’ll be astounded at how much you can accomplish and before you know it, it’s your best year yet.

I hope this helps start your new year off just right. Be back soon, promise.

Signing off,








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1 thought on “Happy New Year! Blog entry 10

  1. Hi, my name is Omar and I’m from NJ. I have been reading your blogs and I find them to be so inspirational. Its ironic that you posted today Jan 4, and it’s my birthday. Today I turn 18 and I have set some goals for 2018. I respect your willingness to leave 2017 in the past as your so right that it’s gone and you can’t change anything about it, however we do have the power to move beyond it and make 2018 yet a better year. Thank you for sharing your blogs.

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