Time for surgery: Blog entry 11

Hey guys, so I know my blog looks different. If you are just joining us then I’ll have you know my old layout was completely black and white. The black and white theme represented that I would be talking a lot about my past. Now that I have discussed the toughest moments of my life, I decided it was time for a brighter clean layout. It’s time to talk about the present and the future with you. There might be times I come back to the past for a story but I want to make a conscious effort to be more present.

So currently I am recovering from surgery. Last week Tuesday, I woke up to what I thought was a normal day of cramps. The night before I got my period and usually I have cramps that keep me in bed so I figured it was business as usual. Then I realized the cramps were actually stabbing pains behind my belly button. It started to really hurt. I was running to the toilet, nauseous, dry heaving and running a fever of 100 degrees. Not to mention I couldn’t walk without doubling over in pain, I couldn’t put on my own shoes without screaming crying and I was thinking I might die. It then dawned on me that my friend Nikki suffered from appendicitis and I swore she mentioned a lot of my same symptoms. So after some texting back and forth with Nikki, Jazmine and my friend Ashley I was convinced it was time to head to the hospital.

Fast forward I’m at the hospital, Brandon fills out all of my paperwork because I can barely walk. I am put into a room in the ER after doing a brief pre-check up. While in my room I’m put on an IV, I have blood taken, I give a urine sample and they give me morphine for the pain (barely helps). I’m already a mess because I hate needles and especially getting my blood taken. My urine and blood tests come back fine and so they send me to have a CT scan. This entire process is lengthy and emotional and I really just want the pain to stop. While in the CT scan they give me some sort of coloring or iodine to color my insides that way they could see my organs more clearly. While I had my arms up in the machine I felt the iodine in my arm and it burned so bad I cried. I don’t think that was normal. Stretching my arms upward also made my stomach pain worse and the iodine made me feel like I had to pee. I get back to the room and about an hour and a half later I get the news. Acute Appendicitis and will need surgery in the morning.

Brandon was not expecting this news, neither were any of the nurses and everyone was seemingly shocked. Shortly after, I was admitted to my room. Brandon stayed the night with me and I know he definitely didn’t sleep. He had to help me to walk to the restroom, I was having nurses come in every hour for more medicine, more blood or just to check on me. On the morning of the 17th, I had my final blood drawl, met my surgeon and was off to surgery. At this point, I was ready. I couldn’t stand any more pain and was ready to get my appendix out. This was definitely one of the scariest moments of my life.

Brandon left for an audition and now I was alone waiting. My anesthesiologist came and introduced herself. She informed me of a sore throat that would occur from my breathing tube, the pain I would feel in my shoulders and neck from the gas they pump into my belly and that heart and lung problems could occur but she didn’t anticipate it (with a smile). She said she would see me in the surgery room and I waited for a nice nurse who came to wheel me back. I was calm so they didn’t give me any sedatives at this point (I don’t think). We were on our way to the room, and a male nurse stopped us and told my nurse to go have lunch and she asked if that was okay. I said yes, so he then wheeled me in. The room was WHITE, with only a few stainless steel tables, containing white cloths, covering tools I probably didn’t want to see. There were these saucer alien spaceship looking lights above a metal rectangle table with a white sheet on it. I immediately thought of a morgue and the tables they make people identify dead bodies on and I started to get teary eyed. They asked me to please just slide over to the operation table from my bed and I did. I lied down and she started making me breathe oxygen. I started to pray and say goodbye to my family in my head. She then told me I was going to be given a happy drug and I would hear them talking about me a lot. I heard them talking about my levels, IV, then the mask was back and I had to take deep breaths, then I was out like a light. LOL. I woke up in an assembly line full of people in gurneys. I was in immense pain and I couldn’t open my eyes. I just remember moaning and then pain medicine and more loopiness. I was wheeled to my room where I received forehead kisses and a tight handhold from my man. My surgeon informed me that upon incision he saw that my appendix was actually inflamed and close to rupture. They were just in time. There were lots of tears and worry but I made it! Here’s a pic of the three incisions and my bloated belly.


The next day was followed by lots of pain but they informed me that it was the gas they put in my body and I couldn’t leave until I passed gas. LOL. So I did lots of walking until I was finally discharged and was able to go home with my man. My mom and sister came to visit and take care of me. So we spent the next week together. I wanted to get out of the house but was in pain and had to be careful so we only got out of the house for excursions twice. Once to the Grove and once to Lake Hollywood Park. My mom and sister left yesterday and that was hard. It was so nice having them here. We bonded like never before.

I am feeling better every day and would say I’m 80% as far as pain. I’m just really crampy and also a little bummed that I can’t get back to normal workouts and activity for another 5 weeks. But hey, I’m alive, I’m recovering and it’s only up from here. If you are having any of the symptoms that I did, I recommend you get yourself checked out.

Thank you, everyone, for the well wishes and prayers. So much love for all of you.

Signing off,



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3 thoughts on “Time for surgery: Blog entry 11

  1. So glad you got checked out and that you’re okay. We were all thinking of you! Hopefully you continue to recover and can get back to “normal” soon. You’re so strong girl! Lots of love!


  2. Wow Jazz! You are such a strong woman! I’m glad you went to the hospital and got treated in time. Much love & God bless you.


    1. Thank you Steph 🙂 God bless you too!


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